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Oh, yeah, all the time. On our first tour, we toured with Julian Casablancas from The Strokes, and we were in a really small town. We had walked on stage, and in the front row a dude was like, “Oh, fuck, a girl band.” I was like, “For real man? We just walked on stage, and you’re already mad-dogging us? Just wait.” By the end of the set, he was head-bopping and getting into it. But [the fact that] there’s a bad connotation with women in music is just so weird, because we’ve always been in music. Does anyone remember Blondie? We’ve always been here. We’re not going anywhere. It’s just so weird to me. I honestly am so happy to take on any dude or any person who thinks women can’t play music, because it’s just fucking stupid. I will take you on, and I will change your vision. —Alana Haim - Have you and your sisters ever gotten nasty comments from people who thought you wouldn’t sound good just because you’re women? (via batmanglji)
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what’s more awkward than awkward silence? witnessing other people’s awkward silence

Anonymous wondered:it may not be an insult to think someone is gay but it's definitely rude. if you ignore what he tells you/the image he sends out then that's rude. if you force a sexuality onto someone even in your own mind, that's wrong. it takes away every other aspect of their personality and it often fetishizes homosexuality which is also terrible. so no, it's not inherently rude to think someone is gay but it is if you don't know them personally and ignore the information you do know for certain about them.


First of all, thinking something is rude and thinking something is an insult is the same thing, so you’re not being as open minded as you think you are.

Secondly, you are forcing a sexuality onto Harry also. Harry may have denied being bisexual, but he sure hasn’t publicly labelled himself as gay or straight. Why is my deduction that he likes men worth less than your assumption he likes women?

Thirdly, Harry goes to gay bars, Harry has gay friends, Harry wears “Love Is Equal” shirts, Harry tweets support for acceptance and equality, Harry buys LGBTQ art, Harry always uses gender neutral pronouns when asked to describe his perfect girl, Harry has lied about his living arrangements ever since he ‘moved out’ of Louis’ house, Harry has reached out to touch Louis in suggestive manners on a number of occasions where he believed he couldn’t be seen, Harry has made an on-camera offer to give Louis a blow job, Harry kissed a male friend on television, Harry has said on camera that he wanted Louis to be his Valentine, Harry has publicly admitted to being more attracted to bums and legs than to boobs, Harry has pretended to make out with Louis on camera at least 3 times, Harry has admitted to a fan that he and Louis are dating, Harry has mimed giving Louis a blowjob on stage, Harry holds hands with Louis at meet and greets behind everyone’s backs. Harry has verifiably slapped his cock across Louis’ face, Harry has given Louis a hickey in the middle of an interview, Harry has admitted to spending an entire day in bed with Louis, Harry makes suggestive gestures with fruit and microphones, Harry has verbalised his jealousy when other people get too close to Louis, Harry disappears on international holidays to romantic destinations at the same time Louis goes missing, Harry has multiple complimentary couples tattoos with Louis. Harry has said on a number of occasions that the media perception of him is wrong.

Now who’s ignoring the messages and images he’s sending out about his sexuality?

Fourthly, most people who believe in and support Harry and Louis’ relationship are in it for the intense love these two have for each other. The fact that they’re both nice to look at and definitely have scorchingly hot sex is just the icing on the cake. It’s about love, not a fetish to see any two cocks interact.

And lastly, I didn’t need to know Neil Patrick Harris or Lance Bass, or Zachary Quinto, or Ricky Martin, or Wentworth Miller, or Matt Bomer, or Anderson Cooper, or Clay Aiken (or Ellen DeGeneres, or Jody Foster, or Raven Symone, or Jane Lynch, or Wanda Sykes) personally to know that they were gay long before they came out. That’s really not how being gay works.



That good ass bass drop in Little White Lies…x

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