Just this once, I think you were right. Even if you are the worst servant in the five kingdoms.


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padfoot-s asked: Merlin annoying Arthur or and Arthur annoying Merlin.


Tampa, FL. October 3, 2014




Colin Morgan attends a screening of ‘Testament of Youth’ during the 58th BFI London Film Festival at Odeon Leicester Square on October 14, 2014 in London, England.

Anonymous wondered:this is gonna b long but i wanna join in on the louis love fest. he had a very difficult childhood.. his life was really hard up until he got put in 1D.. remember when that friend of his said that the best thing about louis was that he "[was] not depressed anymore"? i think about that so much.. it mustve been so hard on him after his father left. had to grow up too fast to be able to be there for his sisters and his mother. probably pushed his own troubles aside to look "strong" for them (1)


i remember when he was talking about how he’s her mum’s bf and when she and her husband at the time got divorced he felt guilty bc he was out there living a “fantastic life” whereas she had to stay home and without him like.. he’d already done so much for his family he was doing something for himself for what was probs the first time in his life.. and he felt guilty about it.. because he still felt such a strong need to BE there for his family to SUPPORT them to put THEM first and he’s always doing that. he always puts people first. 1d literally never have days off anymore but whenever he does, whether it’s a week or 24 hs he spends them helping people for free.. raising money for them.. trying to help them in any way that he can both financially and emotionally. and he does it w PLEASURE he says 1 of the best thing about being in 1d is being able to help people.. he is so SELFLESS yet for some reason ppl keep labelling him as the “ungrateful asshole” of the band..Louis Tomlinson had a rough life growing up, what with his biological father leaving them and all the financial issues that came after that. A life that’s probably the root of his self-deprecating attitude and why he sometimes puts up this overly-confident persona to mask the fact that he’s still insecure about himself.. he still doesn’t think he deserves this. he will always congratulate the boys on their achievements however small yet he is the first one to point out his own flaws. 

i literally have chills what the fuck im about to cry 

thank you someone needed to say this